E Learning

We have following Authoring Tools Capability:-

  • Articulate Storyline 2
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Flash
  • Camtasia
  • Whiteboard Animation Tools

Benefits of E-Learning


E-Learning is vastly becoming a preferred choice for training &  Development, with many companies due to  reduced overall costs & improved technology.We help you to begin your journey in the e-leaning domain by offering cost effective solutions through our following services If you already are using E-learning we help you in creating engaging customised content.


We specialize in creating training and educational resources. We provide a range of services to its business partners focused on the development and delivery of learning and training solutions. We develop training material for online and blended delivery. We start with understanding what the training need is and then work in with the medium, which is best suited to delivering the desired outcome for the learner. Our experienced team will analyze your needs as an organization and craft customized, learner-centric solutions. Specializing in traditional, blended and e-Learning concepts, we work across all mediums to deliver innovative fit-for-purpose outcomes.


We craft the content in a way that makes ‘learning experiences’ more efficient, effective, and appealing to the learner. We have the know-how, tools, and professional staff who can assist you in making sure that the implementation of online learning matches your organization goals and people needs. We can take your content, storyboard it and deliver a quality finished product quick time.  Our pool of resources and support system provide prompt time management and robust project methodology.


Animations give a fluid explanation of your information to your customers in a short time. We help you to capture the attention of the user and motivate them to learn more through this visual interface.Our team of visual designers and graphic artists has worked across various learning and training requirements to create high-quality, high-impact 2D and 3D animations. We ensure that the animations are accurate to the last detail and add pedagogical value to the learner. We are expert in working with latest market leading tools and software, and related standards such as COLLADA.


Level 1:-

Passive A learning experience that is self-paced by the learner. This level is an introduction to basic interaction and essential functionality.
What we cover –

  • Template development
  • Development in a tool, eg. Articulate, Captivate
  • Limited basic interactions
  • Video clips if specified and basic audio
  • An un-scored interactive learning checkpoint

Level 2:-

Limited Interaction A learning experience that is more engaging to the learner. This level asks more questions along the way and the learner controls the environment.
What we cover –

  • L1 Development plus…
  • Limited Flash animation, eg. introductory screen
  • L1 Development pluSelection of individual character voices (if required) eg. male, female, young, mature, etc.s…
  • Voiceover
  • Complex interactions
  • Custom interactions with virtual scenarios and animations
  • ed interactive learning checkpoint
  • CORM/AICC based assessment
  • artwork where required

Level 3:-

Complex Interactions A highly engaging learning medium that is developed using complex combinations of tools. The interactivity will ensure a high level of engagement with excellent results and entertaining learning.
Gamification : Learning can be super exciting when it is associated with a game.We offer gamification solutions to your elearning needs.